SRM - Stakeholders Relationship Management

SRM is a powerful contact management system allowing the information to be shared easily throughout the organisation. Inspired by the large number of information and by the importance of each interaction exchanged in public and private institutions, SRM offers to users the opportunity to have rapidly access to key elements to facilitate, centralize and improve the quality of any type of communication between many stakeholders.

Centralisation of information

Companies today face a growing number of interactions with a range of stakeholders, making a centralised view of all relationships, past and future, all the more essential. SRM is a tool designed to meet the multiple needs of companies and institutions with a large number of interlocutors.

Easy access to information

SRM is designed to ensure easy access by each user to the whole of the organisation's database, giving them an overview of actions and interactions with each contact. One of the application’s main objectives is to unify your communications while preserving a coherent discourse and instantly sharing the information gathered with the rest of your organisation.

Deep knowledge of your stakeholders

In addition, SRM allows you to establish connections and define the type of relationship between two or more people (internal or external). You will benefit from an increased knowledge of your network, including such things as your contacts’ hobbies. This solution ensures an optimal and personalised communication, such as inviting the relevant stakeholders to the appropriate events.

Compliant with the regulations

Designed for companies with a high number of stakeholders, SRM is fully compliant with data usage regulations regarding privacy (EC regulation 45/2001) as well as the policy of data access transparency.

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