Especially designed to answer the requirements of the recruitment industry, Recruit + has been developped on Microsoft Dynamics CRM allowing to access directly and easily the information from within Outlook.


Recruitment made easy

With ever increasing numbers of candidates in their databases, recruitment firms have an enormous amount of data to manage every day. Recruit+ was created specifically for them, to make recruitment consultants’ lives easier every day.

Quick and automated candidate management

Developed on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Recruit+ combines the solution’s customer orientation with industry-specific functionalities. In order to make consultants’ lives easier, Recruit+ proposes the best candidates for a specific vacancy, then contacts the ones who were shortlisted, including automated reminder e-mails. Recruit+ also lets recruiters place adverts on job boards and automates the application and placement process, resulting in dramatic efficiency and productivity gains.

An already familiar tool

Because Recruit+ is fully integrated with Outlook, the user will work in an environment that is already familiar, being a logical extension of their main working tool.

An optimised view of your performance

The creation and automatic update of graphs by CRM provides a complete view of the health and performance of your organisation, as well as of your consultants, allowing you to always keep an eye on how your business is doing.

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