Offer your customers a unique quality service, as an integral part of the experience they have with your business. To achieve that, your team members must have access to an intuitive and efficient solution, giving them immediate access to service history, customer interactions, incident management reports and knowledge acquired on every case; a complete tool for continuous improvement and customer retention.

Any channel will do

Create, assign and manage cases from first point of contact (whatever the channel) to final resolution by multiple actors. Using the same application for phone, email, online, in person or self-catered service optimises efficiency and speed of execution. 

Self service

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides your customers with an online support portal where a search engine lets them retrieve information about similar cases and find an answer to their problem themselves. This portal can for instance be integrated into your product pages, so you can keep in touch with your customers on a daily basis.

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Access to information

The user interface gives your staff access to the whole team’s expertise in resolving issues, guaranteeing that new ones will be solved quickly.

Analyse and anticipate

Capture trends, identify opportunities. Dashboards let you instantly view relevant information about customer behaviour, allowing you to anticipate their reactions.

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