Reinforce synergies between your sales and marketing teams, from generating leads to measuring return on investment. Master your communication with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Out of the box, Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes a number of functionalities such as email template generation, mail merge, marketing list creation (based on specified criteria) and marketing campaign management (including various internal and external activities).

In order to further personalise and automate your marketing, we also offer an add-on called CLICKDIMENSIONS, which is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, giving you the very same experience within one user interface. ClickDimensions includes the following features:

Email Marketing

Quickly and easily create attractive and modern e-mail messages through a drag and drop interface. Send your communications to a marketing list or to an individual, or even as part of an automated business process.


ClickDimensions allows you to visualise the activity on your website: which pages are visited and the types of companies that visit them. This information is directly recorded in your CRM.

Lead scoring

You give each prospect a score based on their behaviour when they visit your site, or on whether they open your emails, thus prioritising them for your sales team.

Web form integration

Create a form and gather information from your CRM. A duplicate detection system matches new records with existing data. This is ideal for event or subscription management.

Survey Creation

Create your own web-based surveys with a link to be sent directly to people in your database via mass e-mailing.

Linkedin integration

Thanks to ClickDimensions you can automatically link your prospects and customer records to their LinkedIn profiles (name and job title).  

Web pages

Easily and quickly create web pages and measure their performance.


With ClickDimensions’ drag and drop interface you can plan a sequence of marketing activities that will be triggered by your prospect’s behaviour. This is a smart and intuitive way to maintain a personalised yet automated contact with your prospects.

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