Microsoft Dynamics 365 reinforces your strategy through a 360-degree view of your customer (from acquiring leads to managing customer service). Every customer receives a unique experience thanks to structured and homogenised information, whatever their contact’s level within your business.

To reinforce our position on this market, Nerea joined the Prodware Group, leader in Microsoft Dynamics 365 in EMEA ! 

Thanks to this alliance, we are able to offer an end-to-end solution with unexampled power by analyzing and managing all the company's data.

Data analysis

Beyond a complete and intuitive system to view your business information, we also provide data analysis experts that will help you make sense of the mass of data gathered within your internal systems, or by connecting to external systems.
The mission of our partner WIZATA is to predict behaviour through data analysis.

What you need to know

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available Online. An on premise version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM remains also available.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates perfectly with a range of tools you already use, such as Outlook, Office 365, SharePoint, OneNote, etc.
The content of your Dynamics 365 solution can be made available online or offline.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be accessed from any web.

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