5 May 2017

Meeting with Alain Conrad, CEO of the Prodware Group, and Dario de la Puente, Managing Director of Nerea, to talk about the acquisition of Microsoft's strategic partner for Dynamics technologies, NEREA, leader in Belgium and Luxembourg Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, specialized in consulting and implementation services by the Prodware Group.

How will the strategic alliance between Prodware and Nerea impact the market? What does this mean for customers of both companies?

Alain Conrad:

Since March 1st 2017, the sales and technical teams of Prodware and NEREA have met regularly. Our collaborators are delighted with this alliance, which allows us to propose a 100% extended offer aligned with the strategy of Microsoft Dynamics 365 on the Belgian-Luxembourgish market.

The strength of this alliance lies in a great complementarity in both our expertise in this market: Microsoft ERP for Prodware and Microsoft CRM for NEREA.

Through this alliance, we offer a unique support, based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. We work on the phases of business and technical consulting, integration of national and international projects as well as support on Azure or on our own Cloud.

Dario de la Puente:

Decision-makers are looking for a 360° global view that integrates resource management via ERP into a single platform and a complete view of the customer path via CRM. In response to this strong demand from our customers, we decided to join forces to become the reference partner of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Belgium and Luxembourg. We are now able to offer an end-to-end solution with unexampled power by analyzing and managing all the company's data.

What’s the market approach of Prodware and Nerea now?

Alain Conrard:

As I said, Prodware and NEREA’s offers are complementary on the Belgian-Luxembourgish market. Prodware is a leading player on the Microsoft ERP solution (AX and NAV) in this market. NEREA is recognized as one of the leading players on Microsoft's CRM solution in this market as well.

Microsoft just merged its two ERP and CRM solutions into one single platform: Dynamics 365. Microsoft is visionary on this topic and I am pleased to announce that the Prodware and NEREA’s alliance is the operational response to accompany this strategy on the Belgian-Luxembourgish market in a unique way.

Dynamics 365 Projects are not improvised. All our customers' industrial, logistical, sales, planning, invoicing, financial flows, accounting operations, etc. are directly piloted and orchestrated by this revolutionary platform. Functional and technical mastery is therefore an absolute imperative.

The alliance between Prodware and Nerea provides the guarantee of a successful project thanks to this complementarity and makes it possible to apprehend projects with more serenity.

Dario de la Puente:

Prodware and Nerea offer a clear vision and positioning resulting from their complementarity. Prodware Belgium comes from the world of ERP and Nerea from the CRM world: together, we answer with a single voice for both the consulting and implementation aspects of Dynamics 365, the Microsoft solution that combines CRM and ERP. This alignment goes perfectly with Microsoft's vision and allows us to be the unique interlocutor on the Belgian-Luxembourg market.

How would you define the strengths and assets of both companies?

Alain Conrard: 

Prodware is an International Group (15 countries, 1,400 employees, 184 Million CAs). The leader in Microsoft Dynamics 365 in EMEA. With hundreds of projects implemented at a national and international level.

NEREA is an expert company on CRM Dynamics 365 and this cannot be contested. NEREA's formidable talents are added to the 200 Prodware CRM consultants. The Prodware and NEREA alliance is a fantastic entity with synergies that now benefit our customers for their national and international deployment.

Dario de la Puente: 

Belgium and Luxembourg host the headquarters of many international companies and institutions. With this partnership, Prodware and Nerea have the ability to take on the end-to-end implementation of major projects. This advantage over competing offerings to the smaller spectrum also allows Prodware and Nerea to better answer to offers of international importance.

How can you convince IT and marketing and / or HR managers of the benefits and advantages of CRM and ERP solutions?

Alain Conrard:

We do not have to convince the IT and marketing and / or HR managers of the benefits and advantages of CRM and ERP solutions.

The CRM, ERP approach is required for companies from a certain size or to support a controlled growth.

Microsoft's vision was to reconcile the world of ERP and CRM into a single platform to streamline business processes and gain in agility. That's what the market has been waiting for several years.

Our only approach is to show to our future customers that we are in the best position to accompany them in this digital transformation.


  • Prodware reprensents more than 800 consultants on Dynamics 365 (300 AX certified consultants, 300 on NAV, and 200 on CRM)
  • Prodware it’s 700 customers on AX, 915 on NAV and 350 on CRM
  • Prodware has 15 subsidiaries that provide national and international deployments
  • Prodware is a unique point of contact with a range of end-to-end services: from project scoping, business process reconfiguration, business diagnostics, complex project management, integration, deployment, The maintenance of solutions in production on the Cloud ... and obviously, the management of future evolutions ...
  • Prodware is the referent in terms of customer satisfaction with proven quality and methods.

Dario de la Puente:

It is no longer just a competitive advantage. It has become an obligation for every company that wants to continue to exist in the digital era. To be more agile and adapt to even more demanding customers, companies must reinvent themselves not only in terms of "process", but also in terms of customer experience.

What about the maturity level of your local CRM and ERP customers?

Alain Conrard:

The transformation cycles of companies are accelerating and becoming increasingly shorter. They must be agile in a changing and uncertain economic landscape. In addition, they are looking for tangible results in the short term as well as well-managed budgets.

The alliance between Prodware and NEREA is at the intersection of consulting, information systems and business operations.

Our value proposition positions us as the privileged interlocutor on the triptych: Vision, Trajectory, Execution. In other words, we offer our customers a complete and unique support on Dynamics 365 (ie the ERP + CRM platform) with concrete results in short time frames.

Dario de la Puente:

Most companies have adopted an ERP, but some still operate in an old-fashioned way for their Customer Management without taking advantage of the accumulation of customer data via a CRM. It’s this opportunity that we want to seize, in order to accompany the companies towards a global view of their business using Dynamics 365.

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