How can Microsoft Cloud Solutions help IT address business needs? Cloud power, security, machine learning and advanced analytics for everyone

17 October 2016

­­­On September 29th, Julien Hugo of NEREA and Ziad Benslimane of WIZATA hosted a joint talk at the “IT Days” organized by Farvest at Crystal Park in Luxembourg. In front of about 30 IT experts from different companies, the speakers focused mainly on how to engage customers, how to empower employees, how to transform products and business models for the digital era, and how to create a more personal IT, where sharing is the norm and where the cloud acts as an incubator and a catalyst for the ideas of the future.

Full cloud power and full control of data storage

Azure, the common platform for Microsoft services, is now available in 34 regions, allowing businesses to deploy the same solution, the same VMs and the same proofs of concept anywhere in the world. Now they can enjoy the full capacity and capability of the cloud, including free benefits such as advanced analytics and machine learning. At the same time, businesses can now protect their data by securely and selectively storing crucial information in their preferred location, with associated legislation and privacy compliance. In essence, the best of both worlds: full cloud power and full control of data storage.

Julien Hugo of NEREA detailed a large number of little-known services associated with an Office 365 subscription, which can help in day-to-day workflows such as Employee Self-Service, a cloud-based knowledge management solution. For specific needs, Dynamics 365, which covers the complete business chain for front office applications, can be customized with tailor-made solutions from the curated AppSource publishing platform, where Microsoft partners offer their software solution worldwide, following a validation program.

Insights and predictions for everyone

Specific products from the Azure suite, such as Big Data Stores, Data Factory and Event Hub, allow you to manipulate big data when normal solutions can’t cope with the volume. However, the Azure technology stack also opens up new possibilities on the analytics side for everyone, with Power BI, Cortana Intelligence Suite, Azure IoT, and Machine Learning. As Ziad Benslimane of WIZATA demonstrated, Azure users can now analyze data in real time and on the fly without even storing information in databases, using stream analytics, data matching and Power BI to visualize all their live reports on a single dashboard.


In practice, Azure allows Telcos to predict when a consumer will switch to a competitor and how best to convince them to stay, using Machine Learning to offer predictive analytics and to suggest customized responses based on known data. Since it isn’t humanely practical to contact every consumer, a ranking system allows managers to minimize effort and cost by pushing alerts regarding which customer is most likely to leave. Sometimes, the consumer is even called proactively by the support team, before he or she even realizes there’s a problem.

For airplane companies, Azure IoT analyzes sensor data in real time to provide insights and predictive analytics when the plane is in the air, and not only when it is grounded on the maintenance pad. Enabling greater safety and security, it also helps the support teams, who can plan ahead to ensure they have the right teams and parts at the right time in the right location.

These new opportunities offered by the Azure cloud are now affordable for everyone, even for a startup, thanks for to the economies of scale provided through centralizing the power of computing in the cloud.

A cloud we can trust

Genuine security concerns that previously slowed the transition to cloud services are now greatly alleviated: data owned by customers stays within their protective legislation and in their region of choice (such as the EU). This data, processed on a trustworthy cloud, cannot be accessed by any Microsoft employee.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions, built around the Azure secure cloud, offer a seamless ecosystem that includes Office 365, Dynamics 365, Power BI, Cortana Intelligence, Azure IoT, and now third party business apps. Accessible and useful for startups, multinationals and everything in between, this solution is proving fundamental to develop new business model and to drive a digital transformation.

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