A CRM, not only for Sales and/or Marketing but for all your stakeholder interactions.

12 January 2016

If CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, xRM stands for Extended Relationship Management, where “x” represents all the stakeholders of an organization: Employees, Members, Partners, Suppliers, Donors, Affiliates,…


Most of the time, CRM projects aim to support sales and/or marketing department from a customer relation management point of view. And therefore most people have forgotten that Dynamics CRM is also adapted for xRM projects.


In another way, CRM aims to manage relation with the stakeholder at the right end of an organization value chain: the customer. (See M.Porter value chain)
But an
xRM allows you to manage the relations with all the stakeholders that stand all along your value chain!


If customer centricity means that customer should be top of mind for all actions of an organization, and CRM helps them to better manage information and interactions with their customers, xRM allows organizations to automatize many interactions with all their stakeholders. And, finally, this add also value to their customers.


At Nerea’s we often compare Dynamics CRM to a big « Lego Box » (see another Nerea article). That particularity enables huge agility and this one of the strengths of Dynamics CRM: It can be easily adapted to your kind of stakeholder interactions.

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