Ce que pensent nos clients

CRM is a genuine analysis and marketing tool. It allows you to easily visualise recurring requests, to better structure processes and to optimise the general way service delivery works, all for the benefit of our members..

Christophe Danhier


Now our range of services is standardised in CRM, which means it is much easier for us to prepare quotes and calculate prices. Now salespeople can largely pass on the preparation of quotes to the office, which means they can finish with customer visits more efficiently.

David Foy


Nerea has been our partner in Europe for the implementation and development of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We can always count on them to provide experienced consultants and flexibility in their service to fit our needs. Our CRM is now used on a daily basis by our sales people, and we can easily report on commercial opportunities. Even though the tool is now managed in-house, we can always count on Nerea’s daily support and their suggestions for enhancement.



Quelques uns de nos clients ...

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